I am unyielding
Not rigid
Merely bending until you give
You ask, I nod, but never answer
Allowing you to believe you have triumphed
When, in reality, you have succumbed

My path is inescapable
For it is your path
And as you trod it
Your foot fits neatly into the footsteps I planted

I am unalterable
Yet am change incarnate

For I am time
So, hold on tight,
For I will drive you where I will



These feet have trod upon uncertain roads
Tip-toed past brooding provocation
Marched beside negligent courage
Slogged through saccharin banality
Skipped along in childish delight
And capered in the shadows of a conquest
Knowing that joy is hiding
Disguised in the steps of my life’s dance


pelican under the sun

What was once so vivid
So clear, so sharp
Has morphed into soft corners
With greys, with blues

Today’s life is not punctuated
With edges or details
Rather, motion and halos
Catch my attention

It’s a quieter time
But that’s as it should be
For I have left my footprints in the sand
And it’s the memories of other times
That fill my days

And I am content to remember
That the world has been nudged
Into a sweeter place
Because of my days here

Yet my dance is not done
Do not suppose I sit, unaware,
While others shape my world
To their specifications
My world is mine
I am endurance


Choctawhatchee Bay

When you think that the world
Will continually hurt
Then why shouldn’t you be
Defensive and curt

In a crouch just awaiting
The upcoming blow
Makes you much less than pleasant
And your service so slow

I hand you a smile
You look up in surprise
I ask you a question
You then roll your eyes

If you can’t find the bright side
To go that next mile
Then you’re welcome to mirror
My perpetual smile

Pass The Chips


“We was robbed” he objected
”What, are ya’ blind?!?”
“That’s pass interference”
In a loud voice, he whined

Glaring fiercely at pixels
Beer clenched in soft hands
Nacho cheese spraying splatters
Spewing outraged demands

So he railed and he ranted
As if anyone cared
Immune to the Cheetos
That crunched under his chair

Still, those pixels ignored him
His cries were unheard
While the game stopped and started
Unaware, undeterred

So if you think that it’s strange
That our friend with the beer
Blusters and stews
When it starts to appear

That HIS team may not win it
Don’t forget, it’s just queer
He’s not really there
He’s just drinking his beer

And the screen that he’s watching
Shows a hundred yards fielded
With 92 grown men
All padded and shielded

In helmets and plastic
Lycra and guards
Repeatedly lunging
To gain a few yards

Oh, and what they most prized
And I’ll give you a hint
It’s the products they pandered
Between all the bits

So, it’s not athletics or skill
That’s cherished today
But the most watched commercial
That the talk shows will say

Caught the eye of the public
All the “oooo’s” and the “aaaah’s”
Extracted from puppies
And strange singing frogs

So, when asked who you cheer for
Take a cue from the past
Teams come and go
It’s the commercials that last