The River

morning river

The frogs are singing their scratchy song
Full of clicks and bellows
A lovely counterpoint to the quiet ‘thum, thum, thum’ of the engine
Her hull cleanly slicing through the reflections
Breaking the glassy surface
Leaving behind a trail of swells and bubbles
That dissipates almost as soon as it’s created

 Today, the river is a kind and courteous host



I am unyielding
Not rigid
Merely bending until you give
You ask, I nod, but never answer
Allowing you to believe you have triumphed
When, in reality, you have succumbed

My path is inescapable
For it is your path
And as you trod it
Your foot fits neatly into the footsteps I planted

I am unalterable
Yet am change incarnate

For I am time
So, hold on tight,
For I will drive you where I will



These feet have trod upon uncertain roads
Tip-toed past brooding provocation
Marched beside negligent courage
Slogged through saccharin banality
Skipped along in childish delight
And capered in the shadows of a conquest
Knowing that joy is hiding
Disguised in the steps of my life’s dance


pelican under the sun

What was once so vivid
So clear, so sharp
Has morphed into soft corners
With greys, with blues

Today’s life is not punctuated
With edges or details
Rather, motion and halos
Catch my attention

It’s a quieter time
But that’s as it should be
For I have left my footprints in the sand
And it’s the memories of other times
That fill my days

And I am content to remember
That the world has been nudged
Into a sweeter place
Because of my days here

Yet my dance is not done
Do not suppose I sit, unaware,
While others shape my world
To their specifications
My world is mine
I am endurance