Pass The Chips


“We was robbed” he objected
”What, are ya’ blind?!?”
“That’s pass interference”
In a loud voice, he whined

Glaring fiercely at pixels
Beer clenched in soft hands
Nacho cheese spraying splatters
Spewing outraged demands

So he railed and he ranted
As if anyone cared
Immune to the Cheetos
That crunched under his chair

Still, those pixels ignored him
His cries were unheard
While the game stopped and started
Unaware, undeterred

So if you think that it’s strange
That our friend with the beer
Blusters and stews
When it starts to appear

That HIS team may not win it
Don’t forget, it’s just queer
He’s not really there
He’s just drinking his beer

And the screen that he’s watching
Shows a hundred yards fielded
With 92 grown men
All padded and shielded

In helmets and plastic
Lycra and guards
Repeatedly lunging
To gain a few yards

Oh, and what they most prized
And I’ll give you a hint
It’s the products they pandered
Between all the bits

So, it’s not athletics or skill
That’s cherished today
But the most watched commercial
That the talk shows will say

Caught the eye of the public
All the “oooo’s” and the “aaaah’s”
Extracted from puppies
And strange singing frogs

So, when asked who you cheer for
Take a cue from the past
Teams come and go
It’s the commercials that last

For Those Who Can’t Be Here (reposted from Dec 2012)

christmas tree in nj

While thoughts are of presents
And cards and eggnogs
Singing sweetly of carols
And lighting Yule logs

It’s easy to miss
All the ones we can’t see
Who can’t wrap the presents
Or put up a tree.

They’re the ones who stand for us
Who man the front lines
Whose lives are at risk
While our safe country dines

On turkey and ham
And all sorts of sweet stuff
Unaware of the danger
Making it tough

For the ones who protect us
Who promise to give
Their lives and their honor
So we can live

With freedom and safety
Although not worry free
Since the world is not gentle
When they disagree

They don’t have their loved ones
They’re far, far away
From all that’s familiar
On this Christmas Day

As you wrap all those presents
And try on those clothes
Pause for a moment
Remembering those

Who would like to be with us
But will remain strong
And keep us in safety
For however long.

…you are not forgotten…

(Reposted from December 14, 2012)

Adrift in Now

woodpecker looking

To crave a focus…
…a direction…

For when there is none
They mutter words like

But, while driving toward the glitter of tomorrow
Can they…
…do they…
…lose the essence….
…the joy…
Of today?

Is there another creature in this world
That has such a drive…
…such an imperative…
To reach for
…to grasp at…

…and, does that make us fortunate…
…or handicapped?



I remember
When shimmering fields beckoned
And tempting grasses, soft as down
Danced with dandelions
To tunes woven by sunshine

I remember
When tall trees whispered
Speaking of secret hollows, that fascinated
Home to industrious critters
And mosses dripping with fragrance

I remember
When soul aching need overcame practicality
And I twirled in those grassy ballrooms
And climbed those ragged trees
Gloriously drowning in the scents of summer

I remember…

Why Not

all ahead full

Does the question “why”
Imply discontentment?
For, to ask “why”
Opens the door
To an alternate path…
…one with possibly more satisfaction.

 Maybe, “why” is merely the human expression
Of possibilities not yet explored?

But, “why not” is a very different entity
For “why not” is a green light
Stating the road is clear
No obstructions, no delays
It’s “All ahead full, Captain!”

…I prefer “why not”…