…hidden Canada


The leaves shimmer with silver
Lighter, more ethereal than before
This is another reality
One where humanity blends rather than dominates

The air hints of fragrances
Less poignant than honeysuckle and rose
Even the flowers understand
That subtlety is needed

The leafy perfume
 Whispered and verdant
Hangs over the water
Brimming with life and potential

…the hidden Canada…


Breath of the World

We are the place where the breezes come to dance

We are the mother
…designed to protect
…designed to nurture

We are the source of the world’s breath…
…the integral piece of the puzzle

We are the roots that bind life to this world

NJ trees 1

*in a small town in New Jersey, USA, more than 250 lush, beautiful trees (some more than 300 years old) have been slated for destruction.   In a rush for a new sports field, the town seems to have forgotten the value of these beautiful sentinels, many of whom stood witness to George Washington’s tragic winter at Jockey Hollow.  It breaks my heart…

(for more information, click http://acresinfo.org/)


They say “lookin’ good’s a full-time job”…Cardinal 001
….and I believe that…so what’s the point…Cardinal 007
….of wearing grey, beige or brown…Cardinal 005
….when you can wear scarlet!…Cardinal 004
….after all, what’s the point of showing up for the game…Cardinal 006
….if you’re not planning on having some sort of impact…


wolf2 cropped

This beautiful world of ours is like a 3-D puzzle.
The myriad of pieces all fit together to form the most amazing creation.
But when you start losing pieces, start creating holes in the fabric, you begin to weaken the integrity of the whole.
You can only lose so many pieces before the structure collapses.

…we are losing more pieces to our beautiful puzzle: the red wolf, the Florida panther, the honey bee are all disappearing…they’re goin’ the way of the dodo bird.
What will happen to our world when enough pieces disappear?

* https://whatdoyareckon.wordpress.com/2013/04/10/solitude/
* https://whatdoyareckon.wordpress.com/2013/04/03/the-wolf/
* https://whatdoyareckon.wordpress.com/2012/11/11/consider-honey-honey/