Our Path

the path

The Path requires forward motion
So we forge on
At times, hands clutching hands
At others, fingers simply touching

Inevitably, the Path splits
The left route pulling him
The right calling to me

If he tugs harder
And I go left with him
Is it no longer my Path; simply his?

If I tug harder
Causing him to veer with me
Will he yearn for the Path not taken?

If we diverge
Going our separate ways
There will be no more ‘us’
…only him and her

If we compromise
Creating a center Path
Do we essentially please neither?
And with that compromise
Do we grow, or are we diminished?

Is the goal
To walk the Path
With his hand in mine
Or is to arrive at the destination?

I will not ‘follow’ the Path
For it is not a map or blueprint designed to guide

Rather it is a chronicle of choices
That can be viewed
Only when looking back



Hemmed in

Does it feel like you’re on a pathway with no exits?

Open your eyes
Your world is actually full of choices

Each morning you wake up
You choose to tread on the same-old path
Because it takes effort to change that path
Deviating from that familiar path
Requires strength
And courage
After all, the new path is unknown
And who knows where it will lead.

If you are not happy with where you are going, ask yourself:
Are you strong enough, brave enough, to nudge your path toward where you really want it to go?Open pathway