As the perfect hostess
She lays a silken path beneath us
Smoothing all ripples
Encouraging our journey


…but don’t trust her…


She will soon forget her courtesy
And like the capricious entity she is
Will rage, upsetting and contrary
Flicking negligent shrugs
To swamp and shudder the weary mariner

…Michigan is a flighty lake…


…hidden Canada


The leaves shimmer with silver
Lighter, more ethereal than before
This is another reality
One where humanity blends rather than dominates

The air hints of fragrances
Less poignant than honeysuckle and rose
Even the flowers understand
That subtlety is needed

The leafy perfume
 Whispered and verdant
Hangs over the water
Brimming with life and potential

…the hidden Canada…

Bubblegum and Steel


With each barb thrown
She grew stronger
Her gentle façade
Camouflaged a core of steel
That was tempered
With life’s hurts and heartaches

As they slashed and poked
She bent and folded
Standing her ground without seeming to
Springing back to form as they turned away
Unaware of her endurance

Through Life’s onslaught
Her bubblegum laugh would sing out
Not loud or brassy
But consistent and true

For she was one of those rare few
Designed not to conquer or be conquered
Rather she brightened and buoyed
Refreshing all those lucky enough
To be touched by her

— Gail, you will be so very missed —


CherishAge changes love
 I know that infinite possibilities
No longer await – if they ever really did

For my time with you is finite
And ever shortening

The fire and passion that defined my love
Is now more lukewarm and comforting
It has morphed into soft down
That enfolds, always touching

I now understand
 Love is shortlived
For life is shortlived

And much more precious because of it

The River

morning river

The frogs are singing their scratchy song
Full of clicks and bellows
A lovely counterpoint to the quiet ‘thum, thum, thum’ of the engine
Her hull cleanly slicing through the reflections
Breaking the glassy surface
Leaving behind a trail of swells and bubbles
That dissipates almost as soon as it’s created

 Today, the river is a kind and courteous host