Colors of Australia

galahsThe perfect setting
Of burnt gold and dusty olive
Up against an opal sky
With a cheerful greeting
And a flash of pink and silver
Sit two of the Sun-burnt Country’s brightest gems…
…the beautiful galahs…

The color palette of Australia is very different from anywhere else in this world.  The landscape colors are dusty,  almost aged looking. The trees are mostly from the eucalyptus family, with leaves that seem to be saturated with golds and olives.  Even the ground is a smoky, brick color.  But the birds…oh the birds are a glorious riot of  colors. Parrots abound; hundreds of them (maybe even thousands) congregate on the lawns and grasses acting like the pigeons of Venice, Italy or New York, USA…

…the Land Down Under is a unique and beautiful place.  It’s as if Mother Nature deliberately made the landscape in muted colors so the startling colors of the birds  could be fully appreciated.


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