Stride Boldly

frost branches

Like the morning frost
My life is a jumble of pathways

Intertwining and infinite

As I step upon each fissure
It shatters
Forking into hundreds of new paths
Each one affording new views…
…new perspectives…
Unseen until my arrival
At that juncture in time

How to decide?
How can I know
Which pathway to take?

For to choose, to stride off in one direction, means
I forfeit the views of the paths-not-taken

Yet, if I my choice is ‘indecision’
I remain frozen…

The view, the perspective, will remain unchanged…

And the loss of that ‘view-not-seen’
Is reflected in the stagnation of my spirit

So, I will not let that happen
I will choose my path
Knowing there is no ‘ideal path’

There is just a myriad of assorted paths
A jumble of potential futures…
Just waiting to be optimized by me

Affording me the choice
To change the way I see the world

As I stride through life



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