Short Sighted

fox family

Once I was a plaything for kings and lords

Then I dined on hare and badger
But not today
Today the feast is bilbies and numbats

For mankind never imagined
When they ferried me across the seas

That I could quietly nestle
Sweetly positioned
To multiply, proliferate

Burrowing into the shallow soil
To find such easy prey
And destroy an ecosystem

So short-sighted…

Foxes were introduced into the Australian ecosystem in the 1800s — the idea was that the new Australian aristocracy wanted to ‘enjoy’ the British tradition of fox-hunting. They also introduced rabbits into the country — after all, those foxes would need something to eat, wouldn’t they?!?. Unfortunately, the foxes discovered that the Australian native critters were much more appealing than the introduced rabbits. Not surprising, the results are in — the foxes have wreaked havoc on the native wildlife. “At least 54 species of vertebrates have gone extinct in Australia since European settlement…Predation by the red fox has been proposed as an important mechanism which has contributed to these declines” * (and don’t get me started on what damage the rabbits have caused).

As a species, we do not have a very good track record when thinking through the implications of our actions. Maybe we’re just not as smart as we think…

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9 thoughts on “Short Sighted

  1. Mankind is definitely not very smart!!! Recently our Pastor mention Columbus “discovering” America. I leaned over to my friend and said, “it was already here”. The Europeans just ruined it. \V/

  2. Interesting post and excellent watercolor. I didn’t realize that the foxes and rabbits weren’t native to Australia. I figured rabbits had to be quite a problem after watching “The Rabbit Proof Fence”, brilliant movie by the way. Don’t the dingos put the hit on the rabbits, or are they too busy eating babies! 😉

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