Gone Fishing

wood in water

It’s not where I left it
I swear it’s around
One moment the spark’s lit
Then ashes abound
The juices were gushing
Overflowing my mind
Then sit at this keyboard
And echoes I find

My muse has gone AWOL
Won’t fascinate, enthrall
The colours are muted
The trumpet won’t call
No toes are a’tappin’
No laughter’s head-turning
With no bubble of fancy
No way of discerning

What has happened to all those creative ideas?!?

All well, no poems today…
…have gone fishing…


7 thoughts on “Gone Fishing

  1. It frustrates me too when an idea slips away
    I usually end up going for a walk with Maggie to search for the idea
    Sometimes it returns but more often than not
    The idea remains lost in the noise of life
    Usually on the walk, a flower or two will bloom a new thought
    The key is to not forget before it becomes a post
    – \V/

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