Breath of the World

We are the place where the breezes come to dance

We are the mother
…designed to protect
…designed to nurture

We are the source of the world’s breath…
…the integral piece of the puzzle

We are the roots that bind life to this world

NJ trees 1

*in a small town in New Jersey, USA, more than 250 lush, beautiful trees (some more than 300 years old) have been slated for destruction.   In a rush for a new sports field, the town seems to have forgotten the value of these beautiful sentinels, many of whom stood witness to George Washington’s tragic winter at Jockey Hollow.  It breaks my heart…

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5 thoughts on “Breath of the World

  1. Mine also! Send your email on to Charlie at the B’ville News as well as the Star Ledger. Have I told you that you are wonderful!!! mom

  2. My alma mater. That little ‘forest’ is a quiet sanctuary in the middle of town, sandwiched between a mall, the school, and a quiet residential street. Makes me very sad.

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