Past Her Prime

cockatoo island 1Pebbled with rust

cockatoo island 2Dripping history to inattentive disciples

cockatoo island3She waits

cockatoo island 4Her story can be divined in her twisted, hoary lines
cockatoo island 5Each pock and gouge a badge of endurance
cockatoo island 6Her beauty does not sparkle or blind
cockatoo island 7Rather, Father Time has painted her with his richest crimson
cockatoo island 8Layering copper on flame
cockatoo island 9To offset the smudge of ash and granite

cockatoo island 10Her value is no longer assessed by what she produces
cockatoo island 11But by what she has endured.

The years have infused each wrinkle…
…every flaw…
…with a fascination that eclipses the simple veneer of beauty.

(these photos were taken at Cockatoo Island in Sydney Harbour, Australia)


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