Tangles of Love

love 1

My heart is tethered to two sides of the world

My anchor is made of joyful harmonies
Of those who shaped my life
With their unwavering belief in me
Of memories of teetering between joy and anticipation
Of my foundation, safeguarding me while I evolve
To become who I am

My magnet is pulled to the metal of potential melodies
Of those with whom I’ve blended my life
Of companionable devotion
Of cherishing others for where they are going
Of my cornerstone, my focus
Of growing into who I will become

I am pulled…tangled with love

love 2


4 thoughts on “Tangles of Love

  1. We always feel the pull,especially during the holidays.We know your love for us is as constant as your love for Boyd and family. That is the 20th century reality, loving on both sides of the world. You do it well!! Mom

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