A Place That Pushes and Pulls

cluster of humanity

With its commerce of selling imaginary people
With unimaginable lives
While unintentionally influencing the world

Where white sand meets a tumble of humanity
And the sunset paints the world on fire

beach sunset



5 thoughts on “A Place That Pushes and Pulls

  1. Just for the record…there are two Californias. Southern California has Hollywood and the hot rod car scene (we won’t talk about the gangs). Then there is Northern California where we have Babylon By The Bay (better known as San Francisco) and other places where those in the know to avoid.

    • That’s so true…there are places in California that are truly glorious, and some that are a bit less than average. I guess what hits me the most about California is it’s impact on the world — Hollywood projects an image that many in the world believe to be the ‘true’ America…and it’s just NOT! Hollywood doesn’t do it maliciously. It’s just fall-out from the industry. Movies/TV with violence and stupidity sell, and those movies/TV industries have a responsibility to their shareholders to make money. I’m not really pointing fingers…rather I’m pointing out collateral damage. \V/

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