Nurturing or Pilfering

skunk cabbage

Like small children, we depend upon them
Believe that they have our best interests at heart
Their sole purpose is (should be) safe-guarding our ‘world’

But through layers of ages
They seem to have lost their focus…their way
…the incentives have changed

When once it was a sacrifice
A ‘giving’, an obligation to ‘serve’
Now, they compete for their place of authority, of dominance

Today, they are ‘professional power brokers’
Needing millions to grab their place
Saying what needs to be said to get there

Smiling, nodding at the right times
Until that brass ring is in hand
And the deal-making starts

“You scratch mine, and I’ll scratch yours…
Those who put us here don’t have all the facts…
We know how this really works…”

And, like the worst of parents
They abandon their charges
Focusing solely on that next brass ring

And those that were dependent upon them
Are left to scramble through a minefield
When it should have been a fertile garden


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