It’s not just us girls
That fluff and preen
Add that splash of scent
Make that flaw unseen

But the topper for me
Of what men must select
Is to tie skinny fabric
Round his neck, for effect

What’s with that!?

It doesn’t keep you warm…
…it isn’t used to wipe that bit of chili from the corner of your mouth…
…is it supposed to be an extension of the tongue, or something?
… It seems a bit extraneous from where I’m sitting…
…whatever floats your boat, gents…


14 thoughts on “Neckties

  1. Good poem. Before armies had uniforms they wore a bit of color to identity which side they were on. Wearing the right color was critical to survival. Flying the school colors on a necktie between the lapels of a blazer as an identifier is something English schoolboys still do. Nothing has really changed as the modern necktie has evolved to become a key symbol and element of the natty businessman’s uniform proudly worn to display his worth and distinguish himself from the butcher, baker and candlestick maker.

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