Drug of Choice


It starts with a need
Or is it a want?

To put your hands on it
Wrap your fingertips around it

The heat starts there
At your fingertips

That pleasant warmth
Soon to be drawn in

But not too soon
First, smell…

It is an incomparable mixture of earthiness and fire
Almost like dark forests filled with mysterious hollows

As you draw in that glorious scent
You can just imagine the tang that awaits the back of your tongue

When you finally raise the elixir for that first sip
You feel the heat start to penetrate the edge of your lips

That nutty, almost burnt flavor
First assaults then harmonizes with your taste buds

As it rolls down your throat

The heat extending to your most basic core

To nest, to nestle in your soul

Ahhh, that first cup of coffee…

coffee with biscotti

Don’t even get me started on biscotti!


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