From where I’m sitting, the world revolves around me
Like the center of a carousel, all the players dance and strut, tethered to my existence
But it’s all an illusion…

Let there be no mistake…
Events in this world will continue without my participation
The Earth will still nurture life without the direction of my species
The Sun will still flare and shine without the orbit of my world
The Galaxy will still spin without the pulse of my solar system
The Universe will continue to expand without the small twirl that is the Milkyway

If this makes you feel “small” – good!
…because you are…
We are so small when compared to the totality of the universe

But we small, seemingly insignificant creatures possess a value that is surprisingly precious.
For, each individual’s unique perspective affords them a glimpse of the beauty and diversity that makes up this reality… and that individual’s life adds its own small song to the symphony of this existence…


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