What is air, without the alluring smell of coffee?
…without the flirtatious perfume of distant wildflowers
…without the briny smell of the sea

What is food, without the silky drops of chocolate?
…without the acrid bite of cinnamon
…without fresh butter melting in homespun bread

What is water, without the comfort of steaming tea?
…without the sizzle of an icy soda
…without the drowsy repose of summer wine

Air, food, and water
Foundations for our existence
These simple fundamentals
Are required for our subsistence

It is the height of self-indulgence
To take more than you require
Yet, when you analyze our history
That’s how we consistently aspire

Air, food and water
May be what bodies need
But mankind yearns and looks for ways
Its essence or soul to feed

We want more than just air, basic food and water…and isn’t that decadence?

Is humanity’s drive to decadence
Coded in his genes?

…and, if so, is that a “bad” thing…

…or is it just another way humanity pushes the boundaries of its reality?


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