They stretch and blend
Reaching from substance to illusion
Twisting forms, merging then separating
Creating smudges that dance with reality

However distorted, we can discern the substance by understanding its shadow
For at the foot of each shade stands the Puppet-master
Manipulating its marionette



6 thoughts on “Shadows

  1. It is not the puppet,
    This shadow,
    But rather truth,
    Proclaiming itself
    Over the falsity
    Of light.
    All came from darkness,
    And to darkness we all plunge,
    The eventual destination
    Of fools convinced
    Of the reality of light.

    • A distorted truth, maybe
      If accepted as complete truth, we run the risk of misunderstand the true shape/color/proportions of reality. Dark and light balance each other…for without one the other no longer exists.

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