The Key

wind up monkeys

Eyes groggy, I shuffle out of bed
Whose face is this, I see in the mirror?
All groves and lines
The mass of curls that used to dominate
Have been tamed by the grey

Familiar blue eyes look back at me with questions…
Are you still in there?
The girl who would cup the world in the palm of her hand

The key…have you seen the key?

The one that clicked and wound
Generating life and sound
All spark rhythm and clang
This body ran, danced and sang
All pieces moving as intended
It would forever…I pretended

It’s winding down…where’s the key?

I want to rewind
Not ‘do it again’
But BE ABLE to do it again
I want to wind that key
And clap and dance
With no thought
No understanding
That the key gets wound only once
And things slow down over time

Is that the key?


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