In the safety of the musty ring


Hidden in the corrugated folds and shadows

Mushroom2They gambol and strut

Mushroom8Dancing to tunes only they can hear

Mushroom 1

Giggling behind blue fingers


At the creatures that stroll by



Mushroom10Of the magic that hums

Mushroom12Beneath their creamy canopy


Helplessly entranced, bespelled

mushroom 14I watch the hidden places

Mushroom11The sculpted edges

Mushroom5The pebbled textures

Mushroom7Of the flowers of the dark


The charming mushroom


13 thoughts on “Charmed

  1. Wow!!! I will never look at a mushroom the same way after reading your post. It is amazing how much detail is contained in a mushroom when you get up close and take the time to look. Thanks for sharing these amazing pictures!

    • I couldn’t resist taking those photos…those little pixies were calling my name as I jogged around the block this morning. It’s amazing how many different types of mushrooms can pop up over night…like MAGIC!

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