In a Blink


How could it be
I glanced away
And yesterday
Became today

I had such plans
But in a blink
It got too late
For me to think

I’d planned to do ‘it’
I mean, ‘do my part’
But the year’s half done
And I’ve made no start

Next thing ya’ know
Winter’s right here
And we’re hip deep in snow
And the year’s gone, I fear

No dilly-dallying
The world’s fast and furious
If it NEEDS to be done
No time to be curious

And ponder and wonder
Consider and pause
‘Cause life will steam-roll ya’
No reason, just ‘cause

So stay ready, keep focused
Know what you must do
Before ya’ all know it
This year will be through

So do something memorable
Something with ‘heart’
So history will say
“Yes, they did their part!”

snow on rail


4 thoughts on “In a Blink

  1. Time flies in a blink when your plans are procrastinating, and it just stalls excruciatingly when awaiting something deserved or direly desiring. No wonder why scientists haven’t been able to define “TIME” accurately.

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