Growing Side by Side

sisters sittimg

I know you…where you come from, what has shaped you
You know me…the pieces and the whole

We built our forts out of rough blankets and sofa cushions
With flashlights creating eerie circles in the plaids and folds
Our Barbies eagerly welcomed Skipper and needed no Ken
Since G.I. Joe was eagerly awaiting a date with the blond beauties

From the top landing of our staircase
We sang our songs
Giving innocent performances
With big smiles and unquenchable confidence

When dinner came to an end
You washed, I dried
And we sang scores from old musicals
While practicing our French

When the bullies came, you took my hand
You stood up straight
And with a look of scorn
Stopped the ‘game’ and marched me home

Your laugh has the same rhythm and timber as my laugh
Your greeting’s a matched set to mine
And, as we age, we grow closer in appearance, values, and understanding
I have your back, as you have mine.

We are sisters


4 thoughts on “Growing Side by Side

  1. This will go into my permanent file!! I can easily picture the two of you, singing through kitchen cleanup, performing on the landing. The joy you brought to our home was immeasurable and I still think of Rose saying “I’ve never seen children sing while doing the dishes”. My hope, as a young mother, was that you would grow to be adult friends who would, “be there for one another” You have spent time living on opposite continents and your paths have been quite different but you kept the relationship strong. As your mom, you could give me no gift more precious. Thank you for that! mom

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