bright child

The world will never know you
For you have never been

Is it un-natural, as others have said, for a woman to choose to be ‘childless’?
  Am I selfish, to have chosen to not conceive you, or your brothers and sisters?

I chose to live today, leaving no legacy of my essence behind

Would your eyes have been blue, like mine?
Would you have been quick to laugh, always singing?

Without me to bear you, was your soul, your essence, given into another woman’s womb?
Are you out there, looking at the world through brown eyes?

Are you laughing with another?


8 thoughts on “Choice

  1. My daughter (22 years old) works at a job teaching little kids the basic skills of gymnastics. Some days after a frustrating evening teaching, she will come home and say “Why would anyone want to have children?”. Sometimes I respond with something sarcastic like “good question” recalling diapers, grade school drama, the teenage years, teaching how to drive a manual transmission and the transition into adulthood. Other times I remind her that if we had chosen not to have children, she would not be here enjoying life nor would others be blessed by her ability to relate to children. Choosing to be a parent is a huge commitment and comes with a lot of heart aches. But it is also rewarding when you see the light bulb go on and the neurons finally connect.

    • That’s very true. I am so fortunate to have inherited three excellent ‘children’ (they are all in their 20s now) when I married. They may not have my DNA, but I recognize how lucky I am to have them in my life.

      • Mrs. Bushranger, I failed to mention in my first reply that I found your thoughts to be on a very deep level and they made me stop and think. Your words brought to mind the conversations I’ve had with my daughter. Patrick

      • Thank you, Patrick. The next generation of women will all make their own choices…it will be interesting to see what direction they go. The lucky ones have parents who love them and they can talk to. I think you have a very lucky daughter.

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