Is It True?


Give and take
Too and fro
All the doubt
How to know

Can’t decide
Can’t pretend
If it’s right
To contend

It’s getting hot
It’s getting cold
All that bru-ha’s
Getting old

Is the weather
Really changing
Is it time
For rearranging

What’s important
To survive
And help the world
To live, to thrive

Is there really Climate Change?
What do we lose if we say ‘yes’ and we’re wrong?
…a bit of inconvenience.
What do we lose if we say “no” and we’re wrong?
…the end of life as we know it.


4 thoughts on “Is It True?

  1. Great poem and questions to ponder. Based on what I learned in school, the U.S. was once covered with ice. Yosemite was carved by a glacier. There are sea shells on the top of Mount Diablo (3848 feet above sea level). So based on the evidence the earth has warmed. But I think it is beyond man’s ability to control or change climate warming, or cooling as happen when Mount Pinatubo blew up, when the weatherman can’t even tells us accurately what the weather will be in seven days. Has anyone considered that there are more people than ever on planet Earth producing CO2 and methane?

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