Ask the Right Questions


When asked
“Who”, “What”, “When”, “Where”
So often a simple, one word answer will suffice
“Who”? …you/me/him!
“What”? …this/that!
“When”? …now/later!
The answers are monotones, no shading of color necessary

How easy, how boring are those four interrogatives…

But the sophisticated inquests
Require depth in a response
No one word answers for these girls
You must elaborate, for they demand explanations
“How” has it come to be?
“Why” is it this/that way?
No black and white answers for them,
For the world is not really black or white

So, look for the “How” and the “Why”, because that’s where you’ll find the shadings and the vibrant colors that make the world such a fascinating place.


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