At the least opportune time,
Provocative, insistent,
The world demands its place in my awareness

I am focused, poised to accomplish, to create…
Poems desperately trying to bubble out of my fingertips

Only to stagger, pause
While the world requires my attention

When the timer awakens and demands, the computer becomes shy and goes off-line, the erstwhile cat disgorges its lunch onto the freshly vacuumed carpet

Oh world, is this a test? Are you exercising my patience in order to stretch my fortitude, determine my tenacity?
Or are you just a naughty child, grinning at the havoc you create?

“Destiny” spins whichever way it chooses…
…but it does, at times, remind me of a toddler with a wooden spoon banging on a cooking pot…


10 thoughts on “Patience

  1. Gotta love the cat, or dog, puking on the carpet. Why not the flooring where it is easier to clean? Why not in the toilet (unfortunately in our house the lid is closed to solve the age old problem of the toilet seat issue every couple faces…I said “just close the lid” but I digress) or the tub? The only thing worse is when one of the other cats, usually Shadow, thinks it’s snack time.

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