Dusk approaches

The silverback tells us it’s time

Time to collect soft leaves, gentle grasses

Time to nest, secure and protected

Time to comfort, to suckle, to nurse

Time to laugh, to grieve, to love

Under the watchful eye of our mate, our husband, our leader

The Silverback.

Gorillas are normally shy creatures, living mostly on leaves, roots and fruits.  They live in families/groups of six to twelve, with the oldest and largest, the ‘silverback’, leading all the daily activities. Gorillas have amazed scientists with their range of emotions; they have been known to laugh, to grieve, to have strong family ties, to think about the past and future…to have rich emotional lives.*

The gorillas are quickly disappearing. Poaching, loss of habitat and the Ebola virus are decimating the few remaining gorillas.  At last count, there were approximately 700 Mountain gorillas and less than 300 Cross Mountain gorillas remaining.**

Remember them as the shy, intelligent creatures that they are. They have been known to learn human sign language, they have individual color preferences, they make and use tools, and they share between 95% to 99% of mankind’s DNA. ***

So, I guess you could say we’re losing a distant member of our family…



8 thoughts on “Silverback

  1. Gorgeous gorilla (if that’s an appropriate adjective) and thought provoking text. You have raised my awareness…thanks!

  2. Absolutely stunning gorilla! Reminds me of that great movie about Diane Fossey about 10 yrs ago. She made an incredible contribution to the study of these amazing animals! Thanks for the reflections and the info.

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