My Pearls


I see my life as a string of pearls
Between the knots, are little gems
Not made by an oyster
But made by my essence, my life
Each pearl is a memory
Full of love, laughter or joy

I finger my pearls
Pull them out, examine them
When I need to remember
That although life can be dark at times
It is also balanced
If you remember…


The comfort of a warm hug
The loyalty of a friend
The smell of my grandmother’s perfume
The warm purr of a contented cat
The pride of an obstacle overcome
The aroma of gingerbread
The awe of the sunset

I keep these pearls in my mind’s back pocket
So, when life gets a bit dark
I don’t forget the shine, the sparkle of sweet memories


6 thoughts on “My Pearls

  1. This is a great post, and a good way to remember to focus on the love infused parts of our lives. Like a mediation bracelet, the beads remind you to pull your thoughts back to what really matters. Wonderful:-)

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