The glow of the horizon pulls me,
Making my path clear.
With a favorable wind,
And my love by my side,
I will press on because I must
…because to hesitate is to fall
…and to fall is unworthy of me.
Journey’s end beckons…
My goal is just beyond…

Did you know that golden eagles mate for life?  They remain true to their mate until separated by death.  Unfortunately, these beautiful birds are disappearing…and we don’t know why. They have been protected in New York state since 1963, but are still in decline.  Maybe it’s due to pesticides, or electrical wires, or maybe it’s just loss of habitat, but no matter how you look at, it will be such a loss if they fade away…



2 thoughts on “Far-Sighted

  1. Next time you are up my way, if you would like, we will go visit the Raptor Trust to see the golden eagle. They have a couple of injured eagles there. They are one majestic bird!

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