Freedom can be defined as “the power to determine action without restraint “. Think about that…freedom is the POWER to determine action without restraint.

It is a “power”, isn’t it? …and you probably don’t even know that you have it until someone takes it away.

On the east coast of the USA, there is a tiny island.  On that island there are two herds of wild ponies. The ponies at Assateague Island don’t know that they’re free.*  They have run wild on that island that borders the states of Virginia and Maryland for hundreds of years. To the ponies, freedom is like breathing – something assumed, something unthought-of.  As they race through the surf, their life appears to us to be the embodiment of freedom.  It’s breathtaking! They don’t know that their freedom is actually a gift… a blessing…something that can be taken away at any time.  I’m sure that if they knew how easy it is to become confined – restrained – they would glory in their movement through the sand and sunshine even more.

It is a powerful thing, being free– to be able to choose, to be unconfined, unrestrained.  If we are truly free, then we are such lucky folks…so, let’s glory in it!



7 thoughts on “Freedom

  1. What a magnificent watercolor! Your blog brought back very fond memories of my camping stay at Assateague Seashore with the Chincoteague ponies. They move seamlessly over the dunes and along the beaches. They are a free spirit! I even remember when one of the ponies came up to me at the water fountain looking for a drink. Wish I had my camera with me…

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