Covenant with the World


My life is my journey, and I choose the direction.

Others can give me information, suggestions, assistance; but ultimately it is my choice.

I accept that my choice has risks.

I know that the way may not be simple.

I do not claim to have all the answers or that my choice is the only choice; others can (and should) choose differently.

I will not point fingers or blame others if it leads somewhere that I would rather not be…since it was my choice.

I will do my best to ensure that it is as positive a direction as I can find.

If my choice impacts on others, I will shelter those others from harm.

I accept the consequences of my choice – whether good or bad – and the world is not required to protect me if my choice takes me somewhere I’d rather not be.

You may not agree with the choice, but you know that it is up to me to make it.

This is my life, and I choose.


2 thoughts on “Covenant with the World

  1. Really love this…just love your writing, oh and btw, I love the bear watercolor painting….can we see more please??? Your talents are astounding…no, take that back, amazing and inspiring!

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