Bear With Me On This One


There are at least seven types of ‘players’ in this ‘game of life’:

The first hates to lose and will always play to win; we’ll call him Grizzly.
The second doesn’t care if he wins or loses; we’ll call him Koala*.
The third will lose by letting others win; we’ll call him Snuggle.
The fourth will lose and then claim that he ‘let’ others win; we’ll call him Humphrey.
The fifth will win and then declare that others ‘let’ him win; we’ll call him Gentle Ben.
The sixth will attach himself to a bigger/stronger player, and share in those spoils of the win; we’ll call him Boo-Boo.
The seventh will start out slowly, learn how the game is played, then ultimately win; we’ll call him Smokey.

So, in the ‘game of life’, Grizzly will be aggressive and ready to take on the world, Koala will be asleep and easily overlooked, Snuggle will be patting everybody on the head saying ‘well done’ to folks who really didn’t do THAT well, Humphrey will be complaining and not fun to be around, Gentle Ben will be making everyone feel good as he takes their money, Boo-Boo will be grinning and riding on his partner’s coat-tails, and Smokey will be emerging stronger and wiser — the consummate survivor.

Hummm… so which one is jusstt righhttt? My money’s on Smokey…

*I know that koalas aren’t really ‘bears’….just go with me on this…


4 thoughts on “Bear With Me On This One

  1. Great watercolor, fun summary of styles and interesting idea of what’s just right…but maybe that’s just right, just for you? Although Humphrey is always irritating because he points out things others missed, he’s often truthful, and I’d hate to think that he was sometimes me…the clash and mix is the thing, no? Grrrrr 🙂

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