Aviator’s Path

big cloud 1 

I remember when…

…the clouds spun across my canopy like unraveling balls of yarn

…my nose was accustom to the smell of old hoses and bottled oxygen

…my ears struggled to pick out the clearance through the thick German accent

…my eyes insisted, after being airborne 24 hours, that it was time to sleep, even though we were descending through ten thousand feet, picking our way through thunderstorms

…it became a game to find new and different words to describe the amount of pressure a foot needs to apply with crosswinds

…looking down and away might keep the protesters from noticing me as I walked through the gate

…sitting my elbow on my knee helped me maintain my grip on the control stick when the weight of my hand became so very heavy due to the ‘G’ forces

…I played, and tunneled, and skipped through clouds, just for the joy of it

I remember when my life seemed so much more complicated than it is today.  Some of those memories make me shudder, some make me smile, some embarrass me; but all help define me. Today, I am not that woman…she is someone I have a hard time getting my arms around.  Looking back, I am amazed.

Sometimes, you fall into a path, sometimes you select a path, and sometimes a path overtakes you.  I fell into my path…and I gloried in it while traveling on it!


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