Backup Files


Such choices in life, which way should I choose?
What to do, how to go, I’ll agonize, loose
An important path, crucial option
All could be lost, or could be hard-won
This decision seems so critical
That I delay, agonize, and mull
Hesitating, so much unknowing
Pausing, my indecision showing

Which way is the right way?…

Once that hard choice is finally made
And all the sweat-price finally paid
Remember that the fine line is crossed
The future starts when yesterday’s tossed
Into your mind’s backup files
Those choices are not the current trials
With that path, a new reality
Will, at that same moment, come to be

If you insist on reviewing old junctions
Realize that it will impact other functions
Speculating, “should I have this, ought I have that?”
Requires a mental acrobat
Instead of focusing on where you now go
You energy is draining toward what you can’t know
Past decisions, leave them behind
Learn what you can, but quickly, then find
What’s important to you, and stride on that way
Leaving past missteps to sleep where they lay

So whatever way you “chose to chose”
You need to understand, you can’t truly lose
For the other way will no longer exist
Hindsight should never persist
Into today’s new reality
What is Now, not what’s past, is what we should see
Believe, all future choices lead from now
Choose where to go from here, and how
Agonize if you must for new trials, new songs,
But leave the past where it belongs…

…in backup files


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