What Do You Hear?


Listen…right now…what do you hear?

For me, there is the ticking of the old clock on the wall…and a bit deeper, I can just make out the sound of trucks on the road…and, of course, there are the random creaks and clicks of the house settling into the winter chill…and, finally, the slight thump of my fingers as I transfer my thoughts into this blog entry…

Are these, or something similar, the sounds that fill your life?

You might think that these are the sounds of comfort, of security; but, to me, they speak of closed doors and shuttered windows…of the common, the staid, the unnoticeable. These are not sounds designed to inspire, to create wonder, to make memories. Sounds that lift or shake your psyche can only be found in the company of others: other people, other creatures, other environments, other worlds.

Go outside. What do you hear now? Can you hear the wind as it plays with the naked winter branches? Did you hear the pair of cardinals, with their sweet declaration and counterargument? Can you hear the babble of others, as they find their own answers to untold or unasked questions? Can you hear your breath, as it fills you with life and scents and potential?

There’s a world out there, and it’s calling to you…what do you hear?

winter trees


11 thoughts on “What Do You Hear?

  1. Sometimes I think listening to our surroundings is difficult because of the clamoring of our own minds. I probably should say this about myself without including others….it just seems safer that way. But I’ll try to take your advice and listen.

    • Hi Stacy. All I know is that when I’m inside, by myself, no matter how hard I try, my fingers don’t have much to say….but when I go outside, and just LISTEN, worlds open up, and I have SO much I want to say (probably more than what folks want to hear). But I find my muse outside…You’re right about the clamor; for me, it seems to disappear with the sounds of the birds.

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