The Most Beautiful Bird

sitting pelicans

He is NOT what many would consider a ‘pretty bird’. 

pelican two

He’s not colorful, doesn’t have a melodious voice, and, with that big beak and floppy jaw, could never be considered handsome.  But he is, ya’ know…

pelican 5

…he flies just above the waves, gliding on the thermals produced by the cool water, inches from the sea.  With the flick of a feather, he manages aerobatics that would stagger modern fighter pilots.  …and when he sees what he wants, he folds his wings and plunges beak-first into the waves…. no hesitation, no insecurity, no doubt, no fear.

pelican three

He is beautiful in his movements and his purpose — the grace of his glide, the drama of his plunge, the spectacle of his flight.  pelican fourHe is pure poetry…the ‘beautiful’ pelican…


5 thoughts on “The Most Beautiful Bird

  1. Ahhh, Mrs. Bushranger, your beautiful writing brought tears to my eyes this morning. I time traveled back to the beaches in Naples, Florida, sitting with my Mother who has been gone many years now — we loved to laugh and admire the antics of the pelicans. Thanks for the memories!

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