Dust Yourself Off


One failure is not enough to justify throwing up your hands in defeat. To be beaten in one, or two, or even a dozen endeavors is not to be beaten in life…it is to have risked enough to truly live life. If you have never failed, then you have never truly tried. Without learning how to fail, you can never appreciate success.

I reckon, if everything came easily, life would be boring and unsatisfying.

It is natural to flinch and duck and weave after a momentary setback…but do not allow your belief-in-self to be substantially undermined by a temporary lapse in momentum. As the song says, “Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and start all over again.”*


Thank you Fred and Ginger.  Like they said, do NOT give up!

We are not done until our last breath…and even then, who knows…if we have lived our lives properly, our legacy will continue to shape the future. All those things we’ve set in motion — the skills and information we’ve taught to others, the children we’ve raised or influenced, the things we’ve created with our hands and our minds, the love we’ve extended to others — all live on into the future. To ‘give up’ is to deny the world your gifts…and that’s just so wrong…

*“Pick Yourself Up” introduced in the musical “Swing Time”  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pick_Yourself_Up


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