find your way

Once a path is crystal clear
Your perspective can been lured
Wandering off chosen course
The initial focus blurred
To frivolous excursions
Disorienting vectors
The auto-pilot engaged
Towards unimportant sectors

You know where you still want to be
Clear objective realize
Dreams and goals become obscured
Distractions all can mesmerize
Focus on the final goal
Do not allow seduction
Target locked, reselected
Goal entanglement reduction

Choose the end-point that you want
Stop to figure it all out
Navigation lost, no vector
Will just spin you all about
Know your target, know your goal
Focus…know that it’s YOUR call
If the goal is just in sight
Lock and load! Run with the ball!

(for those of you that are really into the ‘pilot lingo’ I’ve got going here, the alternate last line is: “Report gear down…call the ball”)


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