strength - pelican

What do I mean when I tell you that I think you’re strong?

It has nothing to do with muscle, nothing to do with domination.

It has everything to do with determination.

Is iron strong? … rust can infect the strongest iron beam
What about oak? … the simplest kudzu can strangle the tallest oak tree
So, maybe steel … steel towers tumble down at the most inconvenient times

Don’t look to Samson to define strength; no girly-girl hairdo can take down true strength.
…and Hercules, thief of apples, cows and girdles…what can he know about true strength?

To be “strong” is to be able to pick yourself up, again and again, as Murphy throws road blocks, speed bumps and curves at you. Strength is persevering, even when all you want to do is crawl back into bed and pretend that the world is not out there.  Strength is finding your stride when you didn’t believe you could ever walk again.

It is something none of us believe we have, but the best of us will find when most needed.

To be strong is to be unconquerable…


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