The Color of Love

What color is love?

…it’s full of passion, vibrant and alive?…so maybe red?…

red fw

…but it can be soothing, comforting, delirious, a dream?…so maybe blue?…

blue fw

…I know, I know! …yellow …it’s all spark and fire!…

yellow fw

…no, really just pink…since it’s sweet and innocent…

pink fw

…or ravenous, addictive…could it be gold?…

gold fw

…or could it be purple….like a disease, or maybe a regal, undeniable command…

purplw fw

…or green…like the hills…designed to nurture and sustain life…

green fw

…or simply velvety black…the color of mystery, discovery and endless forevers…

black fw

 No, I know what color it is:  love is white. 

white fw

It holds all other colors within its pure essence. Love may contain passion, or innocence, or sparks, or sanctuary…but, in its simplest form it is “giving” with no expectation of “receiving”.  To love is to lay yourself bare, put yourself out there, saying I trust, I am here, and that will never change. It is clean and pure and uncomplicated; and yet it is the most complicated thing in nature, in the world, in the cosmos. 


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