Looper Land


Take me back to the place
Where Loopers land
There, on the docks,
Courtesy is not planned

Everyone passing says,
“Evenin’, hello”
A smile, an invite
Dock-tails, cup of joe

Time to catch up,
Or just spin a fish-tail
Exchange some boat-cards
Swap an email

No rushing allowed
No sourpuss face
Friends, both old and new
A sweet, gentle pace

I’m ready to be
Where the trawlers hang out
The rivers are calling
Heave too, turn about

(apologies to those of you that read both my blogs….my poem insisted on being posted in both whatdoyareckon and bushrangerridesagain, so what else could I do!?!…if you’re interested in finding out what “looping” is, take a look at  http://www.greatloop.org/)


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