Choose Carefully


When you choose…your friends, your paradigm shifts…who you spend your time with changes how you see the world.

When you choose…your career, your lifestyle shifts…how you earn your way through life, opens and closes many doors (financial, professional, educational, etc.).

When you choose…your mate, your focus shifts…if you choose well, your focus shifts to your partner, and his/her focus shifts to you.

Each time you choose a path, your reality shifts. Opportunities appear and disappear depending on which road you choose.  Your choice of path is the most important choice of your life….and it happens every minute of every day. Today’s reality is the result of yesterday’s choices.  Tomorrow’s reality is up to you…so choose carefully.


2 thoughts on “Choose Carefully

  1. Your Higher Power will give you the chance, the choice is yours.
    Love this post, the choice has been a predominant theme in my blogs
    for the past many years.
    Love, hugs and prayers…ME and the Boss

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