Pizza = Life

pizza box

Mama Gump always says, “Life is like a box of chocolates…”.* Well, from where I’m sitting, life is much more like a pizza!

Now, I’m not talking about one of those chain-store pizzas — ya’ know, the ones that are perfectly round, kind of rubbery, and taste a bit like the box they came in….

I’m talking about real, proper, hand-tossed pizza! The kind that has steam rising off it, a smell that can be compared to heaven, and taste that makes life worth living.

So, right — “Life is like a hand-tossed pizza“.  Why, you ask?

Well, first of all, pizza crusts have an irregular pattern, full of lumps and valleys, crunch and air pockets, that is sometimes hard to get your teeth into, but is normally worth the effort (doesn’t that sound like the life you’re living?).

Secondly, the main ingredient of pizza has a tendency to stretch and tangle into the most inconvenient strings/lines, causing you to stop and often reposition those strings/lines to try to keep them from interfering with other items on your plate, or your face, or your fingers (I personally have a whole bunch of lines that I’m attempting to untangle at this very moment….).

Finally, although you would like to choose your pizza’s topping (pepperoni, onions, etc.), you normally have to compromise with other diners.  You end up with toppings that you would not normally have ordered and are often surprised at how tasty that unusual pizza has become (actually, that sort of sounds like married life…but that’s a different blog all together…)!

That all sounds a lot like life to me. It’s full of surprising lumps and bumps, often goes in an unanticipated direction, is full of compromises, and is ultimately an amazing experience…

…and is much better when shared….



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