Blog Blocking


Fingers curled to deliver
Wisdom, wit, guffaws
Poised to pose the question
Find the answer
To be novel, earth-shaking,
Essential, imperative
Mind frantically searching
Inspiration just past finger tips
Reaching, stretching
There for an instant
Almost visualized
Evaporates before immortalized

…all well, no entry today….


4 thoughts on “Blog Blocking

  1. Hi, love it! Recently I read an article on how to deal with writer’s block and apparently the best thing to do is go do something you love, give it your full attention and just allow the muse to return of her own accord 🙂

    • For me, the best thing to do is go outside and look at the sky, take some really deep breaths (so you can smell the pine, or bread, or flowers), and stop trying so hard. For some reason, I always get inspired right after that….

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