Old Boat

old boat

Today my man will travel far
North and west, that loaded car
Toward needy mistress, inch along
A different world, to belong
To woo, to coax, and to cajoled
Break is done, no more parole
He has a job, I can’t resent
He must away, next place to rent
Bushranger, I am not a fan
You hold my heart, you take my man
Old boat you better watch your way
And keep those cracks and leaks at bay
Bushranger there is much to do
To make you whole and see us through
To living life we three aboard
Your sheltered bow, our long reward

…heads up, old boat, we WILL prevail…bank on it, you will set sail!

(A bit of background: we have an old boat named ‘Bushranger’ that we are determined to get operational. We have been working on this old boat for the past year and a half. It’s HARD work fixing up an old boat, so we took the past two months off. It’s now time for my husband to ‘get stuck into it’ again. My apologizes if you’re following my other blog bushrangerridesagain.com… you get to read my poem twice since I have decided to post this poem on both blogs)


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