Do You Know “Who Are You”?


Do you know ‘who you are’? Of course, it’s easier to figure out ‘who you aren’t’. I am not:

1. a Noble Peace Prize winner (although I seem to have a lot of opinions on the general ‘state of the world’, don’t I?!?)
2.  a Sports Illustrated centerfold (that’s a definite NO)
3. from another planet (although I have been accused of that one before…but that’s another story)
4. a ‘brain surgeon’ or ‘rocket scientist’ (ah, nope)
5. a high-roller at Vegas (wouldn’t that be nice?!?)
6. a ‘spring chicken’ (although I do occasionally cluck-cluck)

Okay, that was the easy part….now the hard part. Who am I? I am:

1. the wife of a wonderful man
2. the daughter of two exceptional people
3. the sister of three siblings who love to laugh

Those are all well and good, but NOT really who I am. I am:

1. slightly obsessive when I start things (as evidenced by the multiple entries in this blog)
2. a believer in ‘balance’ – in my life, relationships, even the world
3. a dedicated ‘glass is half full’ person (sometimes I get a bit ‘Pollyanna’* about it – sorry about that (not really))

Okay, that’s all part of ‘who I am’, but do you want to know who I REALLY am? No, ya’ don’t – because as soon as you figure it out, it will change. What I mean to say is, our identities (our ‘selves’) are constantly changing. As we learn, we change/we grow. Who I was in my twenties bares almost no resemblance to who I am today (thank goodness…that twenty-year-old was a bit ‘over-the-top’ if you ask me….).

Life is an adventure that you figure out as you go. What part you play in that adventure changes with each new moment. If you know this going in, the changes may not be as scary.

…so, all those newly discovered aches and pains you’ve been noticing the past few years, they’re all there to teach you something to help you grow into who you are next going to be — lucky you!



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