Kindred Spirits


Have you read the classic children’s novel, Anne of Green Gables, by Lucy Maud Montgomery? If you haven’t, give it a look. It will lift your spirits and make you smile…but, I digress…

In the novel, our heroine, Anne, makes friends with the young girl next door, Diana. In that short encounter, Anne determines that she and Diana are ‘kindred spirits’.

I love that concept of ‘kindred spirits’…and I believe in it. Have you ever found someone with whom you ‘just click’? Where your rhythms and theirs are in sync from the moment you meet?  You don’t need to be from the same background, or the same country, or even the same sex. There’s just something about the way the other person views the world that makes it easy to slide into laughter, or sympathy, or silliness, or whatever your soul happens to need at that moment in time.

I met a ‘kindred spirit’ on the other side of the world. She is not ‘like’ me – her primary language is not mine (although she speaks about a gazillion languages, so I guess that wasn’t an issue), her background is very different from mine (she grew up on a different continent from me), but we recognized each other as ‘kindred spirits’ from the first hand of bridge (we had both signed up to learn the game).

The thing about ‘kindred spirits’ – every time you speak with them it’s like slipping on your favorite pair of jeans – everything just falls into place. I speak to my friend maybe two or three times a year (she now lives on the opposite side of the world), and yet it’s like we talked just the previous day. There’s no hesitation, no awkward silences; just companionship and understanding.

…I am SUCH a fortunate woman…

…my wish for this holiday season is for all my lovely readers to be as fortunate as I….


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