Rock Bottom

bottom rocks

People talk about ‘hitting Rock Bottom’. It’s not a place folks try to get to, but they can arrive there, none the less. Relationships, jobs, inspiration, can all drive you to hit ‘Rock Bottom’. Well, here’s a thought…

If you happen to get to ‘Rock Bottom’, why don’t ya’ see about making the trip worthwhile? Maybe, while you’re down there, it would make sense to take a look around? …figure out how you got there (and say, “I’m certainly NOT going that way again!”) or collect a few souvenirs (like maybe a bit of lost focus or some discarded self-worth).  You might also want to check out what other folks are down there with you…there might be a few folks there at ‘Rock Bottom’ that could use a bit of a lift, so why not grab a hand or two and help pull them back up with you? …sorta’ make the trip worthwhile….


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