A Good Listener?


Do you find that you seem to be talking to yourself more and more?…and I’m not referring to when you tell your teenage son to pick up some milk on his way home from work, and you end up having to put orange juice in you cereal the next morning….no no no, that’s not the ‘talking to yourself’ that I’m talking about…

I mean, do you seem to have conversations with yourself at the oddest times. For instance, a few days ago I found myself discussing the amount of bubbles the liquid dish detergent had produced.  It was a very lively discussion – what with the thick suds that were covering the hot water, and the multitude of lively bubbles that were escaping into the air.The discussion then launched into the various colors that were dancing through those bubbles. It was almost like I was brain-storming with the cutlery.  It didn’t even occur to me till my husband gave me a strange look that I was talking to the sink.

So, I’ve been on guard the last few days, trying to determine what causes me to have these discussions with myself. This is what I have discovered:

…it’s not as if nobody listens to me when I talk — on the contrary, I am surrounded by folks who seem to like to hear the sound of my voice (either in song, conversation, even in ‘whistle’ (see post dated 8/21/12))…

…which is probably part of the problem (is this a problem?!?)…I have ‘bought into’ the belief that it is ‘good’ to hear my voice, so I exercise that voice regularly….

…in addition, the world DOES have so many interesting things in it, and stuff is constantly going on, that there is an awful lot of ‘fodder’ for my brain to chew on…

…and my brain never wants to ‘shut off’ – it always thinks it has something fascinating to contribute (which is really a debatable assumption…but we won’t go there…)

So, here I am, talking to myself again (yah yah, I’m really talking to the computer, and ultimately to you my lovely reader, but it still counts since there is no one else in the room). Some might say that I’ve got a bit of a screw loose up top — maybe…

…I’m sure I’ll bring it up at the next general meeting with the kitchen cutlery….


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