For Those Who Can’t Be Here

christmas tree in nj

While thoughts are of presents
And cards and eggnogs
Singing sweetly of carols
And lighting Yule logs

It’s easy to miss
All the ones we can’t see
Who can’t wrap the presents
Or put up a tree.

They’re the ones who stand for us
Who man the front lines
Whose lives are at risk
While our safe country dines

On turkey and ham
And all sorts of sweet stuff
Unaware of the danger
Making it tough

For the ones who protect us
Who promise to give
Their lives and their honor
So we can live

With freedom and safety
Although not worry free
Since the world is not gentle
When they disagree

They don’t have their loved ones
They’re far, far away
From all that’s familiar
On this Christmas Day

As you wrap all those presents
And try on those clothes
Pause for a moment
Remembering those

Who would like to be with us
But will remain strong
And keep us in safety
For however long.

…you are not forgotten…


5 thoughts on “For Those Who Can’t Be Here

  1. Wow and wow again.!! Thank you for a reminder of those who fight and die for us. My gift this Chrismas goes to supporting wounded warriors. Mom

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